World of Tanks Generals 


World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play browser-based collectible card game, focused on tank combat.

Regions: Russia, Europe, North America, Asia.

Platforms: World of Tanks Generals portal & Apple iPad

Browsers: Chrome (recommended), Firefox and Opera 15.


World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play, turn-based collectible card game featuring epic World War II warfare. With numerous cards available, each battle turns into an intense combination of sudden strikes, massive onslaughts and cunning tactical trickery in highly dynamic 1-on-1 online combat.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Action

Based on your own unique playing style, construct a deck from over 200 unique cards and crush your enemies. Cards are split between three factions (USA, Germany and USSR) and include Headquarters, tanks, artillery, Orders and Squads, as well as special bonus cards that grant additional firepower or defences, adding an extra dimension of strategy to gameplay.

Cross-Platform Gameplay

Take your combat to  tablets and PC. Available through your browser, World of Tanks Generals doesn’t require the installation of a game client, and supports a wide range iOS devices. As long as your device has an internet connection, the battle will always be at your fingertips.

Part of the Universe

World of Tanks Generals features a research system for unlocking new technology and unit cards that is similar to other Wargaming titles. This provides an easy-to-understand system for players of all skill levels. The single ID account will give instant access to other game titles, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

Basic Card Decks

 When starting the game you will have access to basic card decks that should include:

  • 3 HQ cards (one for each nation – Germany, USA, USSR) including;

o    Units – light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and SPGs

o    Orders -  single use cards that have a set impact or buff the stats of Units

o    Squads – cards that defend your HQ or buff its attack.

You also can work your way to unlocking:

  • 200 + cards including Premium Cards and Mercenaries and more on the way in upcoming updates.

You can buy these cards normally, following the usual rules but mercenary cards can also be “rented” for in-game currency.

You can pay using the Premium Currency (or credits at the exchange rate) to add the allowed number of mercenary cards to a certain deck without researching with experience points or purchasing them for credits. Mercenaries can be hired for 1, 24 or 72 hours, and can be added to a deck only during the lease time.


Credits and experience in World of Tanks Generals are gained by completing Missions and destroying enemy units. Occasionally you can also earn a Premium Currency that can be spent on rare Premium cards and to purchase Credits.

Game Modes

Along with PvP battles, World of Tanks Generals offers a battles against AI (PvE mode) which is an opportunity to master game basics such as movement, attack/counterattack, orders drawings and squad mechanics.


Achievements are awarded to you for exceptional battle effectiveness and are divided into the following classes:

  • Battle achievements that are awarded for outstanding results in individual battles.
  • Step achievements – the requirements accumulate through the player’s entire history, battle after battle.